Sunday, May 23, 2010


For all of you non-honorary latinas, "dimelo" is an amazing song by or should I say "por" Enrique Iglesias a.k.a el amor de todos las chicas en la casa de espanol, aqui en el FLSR:) bien hecho, Julie. Gracias.

Ok: don't worry. I'm merely congratulating myself for speaking such amazingly native spanish haha.

On a different note, I really want a great camera. Not just a point and click (though that's where my photography abilities currently reside). Today, I took photos for the apartment next door and it really gave me a taste of my alter-ego/persona as a photographer. I mean, ya should have seen how the elements were in my command. I pushed to button, zoomed in and out like a pro... not many people can say the same...

anyway, one day. i want OH MY GOSH- my room mate just sneezed the most gigantic sneeze right next to me as I'm sitting here typing. Not joking people- that thing probably had enough power behind it to fuel a third world country, like Oklahoma or something.

Moving on. I just gave my first legit talk in Church today. I went super bien and now I'm addicted. You all know how much I like talking;) kidding, Bishop, kidding- not that you'd be reading my blog but, on the off chance- I don't want to give you any over-the-top ideas!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bridal Showers...

I went to another Bridal shower this past month or so. I think they're getting more and more frequent... what's that supposed to mean? Seriously, my May is packed with back-to-back receptions, etc:)

Well, as you know, something interesting must have happened or I wouldn't be writing about it.


no... really.

oh, boy.

Some gifts were very nice (a kitchen mixer)... Others were cute and thoughtful (a beach bag of essentials)... and the other others were just makin me wish single people could have their own bridal shower and the married girls could take the bride under their wings for a SEPERATE, but equal, party much, much later. I mean- must I learn so much, so soon? Take me out, Coach... take me out.

Speaking of which... The "taking out" part, that is. If you happen to be the boy that I like (let me rephrase that: ONE of the guys I may or may not have a crush on), you should stop reading about my life and just be in it for realsies, already! You only have a short time left before you'll have to miss me for 18 months- I'm going on a MISSION! Too forward? You're right... I am a pretty big traditionalist so, I'll just keep playing to awkward get-to-know-you game until I run out of questions that jog your brain about how perfect we could be together. Stinkin' Taylor Swift.

The last month...

Foreign Language Housing-
It's only the greatest thing since ummm... alright, I'm supposed to have something really cool here. Something better the the usual "sliced bread" slogan. But, I'll be honest. nothing's really coming to me right now.

Anyway, I love this place. I get to speak Spanish 24/7, have dinner with an "inst-Family" basically every night, and socialize like the butterfly I was born to be! At school, I keep wanting to talk to regular people in espanol and it's starting to mess with my mind that not everyone will understand me.

Also, I've been taking some pretty amazing photos of all of our exploits.
1. Pranks- so far Megan, Joy, and Camilla have been the victims. Emily and I covalently bonded by pouring freezing cold water on Meg last weekend. She got me back- don't worry. Next, we put gummy worms dipped in chocolate pudding (like dirt/mud) on the floor of the shower... it was a nice morning sorpesa for Camilla! And last but, not least... THE ALARM CLOCKS!!! We hid a couple of clocks under Joy and Megan's beds. They went off at 3am:) sweet dreams chicas.

2. Seven Wonders of Provo- We dressed up in black shirts and blue jeans, hats, game-day makeup, and million dollar smiles. Yes. it was quite a wonder. Moving on, we saw the Obelisk, Totem pole, Cougar Statue, Ripple's Lemonade Stand, King kong cone Macey's place, Creepy Ampitheater, and finally, the Amazing weeping Willow tree. as a side note, you should also know that we flagged down a random man who was conveniently attractive (no, this is not the first time) outside the cougar statue stadium. He thought we needed car help but, we really just someone to take a picture for us... HA! Last time this happened, I got a date and my own recording of a song out of my strangely innate hitchhiking abilities- this time was just normal:)

3. Salsa dancing- goodness me. Or should I say, goodness of my dance partner. I am telling you- how did I not know Latin Dancing was so fun until now? And where did my hips come from? It's like I suddenly understand stepping in rhythm and not just bobbing sideways. Man, I wish I were latina! But, the good news is that I saw a picture of myself today and I think all of the Spanish has had quite an influence on me- I barely recognized myself. I think I might be able to pass as an Argentinean. Cuz, these hips don't lie and my hoop earrings are about to be worn for the first time.

Ciaosito/Besos, all that good stuff.
La Guapa

Monday, April 12, 2010


So, I don't know about anyone else but, I seem to have a curse. I start and end each semester with a cold sore. It's perfect timing, too. I mean, who wouldn't want to introduce themselves to new people from class and church with a giant LANDMINE on their face?! Needless to say, my confidence to continue life, despite my lack of genetic lottery winnings, must be what attracts bees to the honey... and the fact that I like to talk to people, especially good looking guys at school, in an Australian accent allows people to see past my leprosy, and daydream about our future together, scuba diving the reefs of Sydney or Brisbane. This is not a joke, people. I speak only the truth when I tell you that the cute, dreamy, and perfectly tall security guard who lets me in on Tuesdays at the office, has a crush on me because of my accent! We got to talking one day and it was love at first Barby (short for a BBQ from down under). But, what do you know- it's the end of the semester. Therefore, my body decides it's time to hate me again and stress out about upcoming finals, WITHOUT TELLING ME! Alright, it does tell me. To keep with tradition.... Enter: Cold Sore.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Secret Garden

Don't judge me too harshly but, I'm hanging out in the Girls' Room right now. Why? Because it's amazingly quiet (other than the occasional awkward patron or two), has comfy chairs, and an electrical outlet for my computer! I was just talking on the phone though, and my brother asked me a funny question. So naturally, as I was giving some kind of relevant but, heinous response, a normal and quiet, leaning toward the boring side of the spectrum, kind of girl walked in and scowled at me. But, not that open, evident type of scowl. No. This was the kind of facial expression that's hidden behind a halfsy smile.

Well, you know what, normal/quiet/boring bathroom girl? I have a life outside this washroom as well! And I'm not afraid to show it- JUST READ MY BLOG!!!!

So, as I was saying. My brother asked me some question and I was replying. Then she left. And I had peace again. Now, it's my turn to pass on the scowl/judgement expression. Because, in walked a couple of girls rehearsing a dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." I even volunteered my speakers to help them practice to the real song instead of just humming it self consciously to themselves. They thought I wouldn't understand that what happens in the Girls' Room, doesn't need to be explained or excused. Little did they know, single ladies, little do you know.

For any guy reading this-
Disregard this entire post. I was kidding. It's not like I really hang out, relaxing in the Restrooms. That's crazy talk. ha.... ahem. I think I should stop now. Another girl just walked in and she'll wonder why I'm laughing to myself. I'll just tell her it's because the acoustics in here are so nice and it's fun to here my voice echo pleasantly.

It's all about Natural Lighting

Have you ever just had a photo shoot with friends? no one else? rats. I thought that be a real ice breaker for us all. ya know, like "what's your favorite pose?" or if you're more of a cheesy pick up lines kind of guy, one might say, "you look like someone I'd like to set my aperture to." right? anyway, my friends and I have appreciation nights together. We all celebrate where we each come from- Georgia, Hawaii, D.C, Southern California, etc. It's great. A while back, it was my turn so I figured why not pretend the paparazzi is after us and dress up for a TON of photos?!

Of course it was phenomenal. Need you seriously ask? And since we've previously talked about our love (okay FINE, my dedication) to Lady Gaga, we had her song, "Paparazzi" playing in the background to set the diva/ obviously high fashion mood. Well, to be honest, that's not really true. In reality, we were on the top floor of the library, dressed from school casual to prom dress attire. AND, the real kicker is that I'm only capable of posing with two kinds of faces: Happy smile and goofy. My friend kept saying, "be serious" or "be flirty" but, all I could do was laugh! But, at least I was laughing only SEMI- uproariously. I mean, after all, we were in a quiet library. And the engaged couple next to us was worried we'd somehow upstage their wedding announcements. I'm sure of it because I was rockin' some high heels that night.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cousin Bonding Time...

"Just Makin' Memories..."
Can I just tell you guys (and by that last plural, I mean my three favorite followers in the whole world), that I have been waiting to be alpha cousin for 20 years? The day has finally come. Both of the boys my age are gone on missions, so I'm the oldest one left a.k.a FAVORITE:) we'll just pretend that's not the only reason, though. Perhaps, it's my ridiculously good looks as well.

A common familial term. Whenever we get together, we talk to Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, and Parents. But, when it comes to Family Reunions and dinners together... We're immediately downstairs in the basement "makin' memories."

Last night, we watched Back to the Future for the first time. Oh, Biff...

It's so sweet. Can't wait to watch the sequel and threequel! No, Steve, I will not watch End Dead with you. No matter how good a "B" movie might seem at 3am!

Anyway, I love my fam. They're the bomb dot com.